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More than a platform, EXO.G is a paradigm shift, helping organizations to actively and effectively participate in shaping a sustainable future.

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EXO.G Platform

EXO.G redefines ESG reporting. By empowering organizations to communicate their ESG journey dynamically, EXO.G pioneers a new approach that will shape the very landscape of sustainability reporting, driving us towards a world that is not just informed but also actively engaged in sustainable practices.

Main features:

Dynamic ESG Reporting

Materiality Assessment

EXO.G Dashboard

Performance Analysis

AI-Driven Recommendations

Updated Standards Database

Empowered Data Insertion

EXO.G Platform Starter

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Basic Insights/Reporting

EXO.G Platform Professional

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Premium Access

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Advanced Insights/Reporting

EXO.G Platform Enterprise

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Custom insights

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Strategic Analysis and Full Reporting



Already have your own ESG Reporting Framework and tools?
EXO.G API Hub is for you.

By providing a centralized repository of standardized APIs, we empower organizations to integrate global standards effortlessly into their applications and analyses. As the digital world continues to evolve, the EXO.G API Hub stands as a beacon, guiding the ESG ecosystem towards data-driven, sustainable decision-making for your solution or service.



Are you entering into the market of ESG and want to deep dive your knowledge base?
Meet EXO.Guide, your AI-Enhanced Sustainability Interface for rapid insights and expert guidance.

EXO.Guide reimagines the way individuals engage with sustainability insights. By providing an intuitive chat interface enhanced by AI-driven intelligence, we aim to bridge the gap between technical complexity and accessibility. As we propel towards a sustainable future, EXO.Guide becomes an indispensable companion, providing users with the expertise they need to make informed, impactful decisions.

Try EXO.Guide knowledge

We are currently under development and your input can help us improve our intelligence.

Try it out for free :

*currently,for testing purpose, this demo is covering only part of GRI and ESRS



Currently, for testing purpose, this demo is covering only a part of EXO.Guide Knowledge Base:
Few sets of GRI and ESRS Disclosures.

This chat has the purpose of generating and improving knowledge on a set of official documents in the sustainability scenario, and it is constantly updating the training model.

It provides information based on the set of official documentations, standards, regulations, and experts articles.

Due to the chat's training capabilities, it may provide inaccurate information.

Always consult the official documentations and a professional before making decisions.

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